INDUSTRIAL                                                                               AUTOMATION   

                   Hyraulic Couplings, Coupling Plates                                                       Safety Switches, Safety Relays,
                   Check Valves                                                                                           Position Switches, Human-Machine Interface,
                                                                                                                                     Elevator Devices


     Single and Double Ferrule Fittings, Needle,                                                         Smart Relays, Motor Starters, Contactors
      Ball and Bleed Valves                                                                                           Pushbuttons, Breakers and Power Supplies

      Synthetic Grease Food Grade in Aerosol,                                       
      Spray and Dri-Film                                                                       

              O-Rings, Radial Shaft, Rod and Piston Seals                                                      


PLC, HMI, VFD, Servo Motors and Amps,
Weatherhead / Boston / Everflex
             Hydraulic Hose, Hose Ends, 
             Fittings and Assembly Systems
Synflex / Arrow
             Transfer Hose, Transportation,
             Air Tubing, Beverage Dispensing
Hansen Couplers
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    Plumbing, Compressed Air Systems,     Fluid System Products, Fittings,            Valves, Tubing, Marine 

Flexible Lightweight Rubber, Plastic and Polyurethane Hose and Duct

Brass and Plastic Fittings, Manifolds, Cartridges, Connectors, Tubing, Directional Control Air Valves and Accessories

Quality Thermoplastic and Rubber
Hose and Tubing

OSHA Compliant Couplings For Air Hose, High-Pressure Air and Steam Hose Couplings and Clamps, Chemical Hose Couplings and Fittings, Crimpnology Nipples and Multi-Purpose Hose Fittings, Crimpnology Ferrules and Sleeves.

Industrial and Mobile Filters, Suction Filters, Pressure Filters, Return Line Filters, Level Gauges, Filter Breathers, Desiccant Water Removal Breathers

Ball Valves, Brass, Stainless, Carbon, Flanged, Low Pressure, Dielectric Unions, Cast Iron Butterfly, PVC, Lock Wings, Basket Strainers, Thread Sealant

Hose Clamps and Rings, Swing Couplings

Variable Volume Piston Pumps, Proportional and Servo Valves, Directional Pressure and Flow Control Valves

Lubrication Pumps, Hose Reels, Grease Fittings, Centralized Lubrication Systems, Bulk Oil Systems, Fluid Management

Gas Valves, Plumbing Valves, Water Valves, Industrial Valves, Pneumatic Valves

Anti-seize, Silicone Sealants, Anaerobic Thread-Lockers, Cleaner/Degreaser Aerosols, Sealant and Retaining Compounds, Lubricant Aerosols, Instant Cyanoacrylate Adhesives, Heavy Duty Lubricant Aerosols
    Air Preparation, Slides and Grippers, Valves,        Cylinders, Multi-power, Sensors, Clamps,              Multi- position, Air-Oil Accessories

     SCADA Software, Web Enabled HMI, Data              Connectivity

     Air Preparation, Regulators, Custom                       Combinations

      Air Preparation, Air Dryers, After Coolers

             Light Curtains, Safety Relays, 
             Zone Scanners

            Enclosure Ventilation and Cooling

            Non-Metalic Enclosures

           Cable Entry Systems, Cable Glands,    
           Entry Frames, Strain Reliefs

          Power Supplies, Terminal Blocks, Cable
          Duct, Remote I/O, Relays, PCB             Terminals,
          Signal Conditioners, Surge Suppression

          Broad Range of Medium Solenoid Valves

          Pneumatic Cylinders, Grippers, Air              Motors, Hydraulic Cylinders 
Hydraulic Live Swivels, Inline and
90s, Heavy Duty Ball Bearings. 
Hose Clamps for Agricultural, Automotive,
Truck, Off Highway, Industrial, Municipal,
Marine, Irrigation, Beverage and Plumbing
Hi-quality Thermoplastic Tubing, Recoil
Hose, Hydraulic Hose Protection 
Silicone Rubber and other Elastomers for
High Preformance Hose, Lightweight ducts,
Flex Connectors, Boots, Bellows and Sleeves
Heavy Duty Hose Reels, Cord Reels, Cable Reels,
and Electric Extension Cord Reels
Precision Instruments, Gauges and Thermometers
Hydraulic Cylinders, NFPA Tie-Rod Construction - Standard and Custom Designs.
Manufacture of a Broad Range of Pneumatic Quick
Disconnect Couplings, Cam and Groove Fittings, Swivel Joints, Shank/Water Fittings, Brass Fittings,
Clamps, Hydraulic Fittings, Holedall Fittings, BPE Fittings, Valves, Pipe and Weld Fittings, Tank Truck Fittings, and Boss Fittings 
    Air Preparation, Slides and Grippers, 
    Valves, Cylinders, Rotary Actuators,       Sensors, Clamps
Industrial PCs, Embedded Automation PCs, Panel PCs, Ethernet Switches
 Power Supplies, Solid State Relays,
 Ice Cube Relays, Breakers, Terminals and   Contactors.
Quick Fittings,Couplings, Flow Controls, Speed Controls, Needle Valves, Tubing
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders, NFPA Mounting Style and JIC Interchangeability, Custom Built Cylinders per Specification
           24/7 Emergency Service
OEM Hoses, Exhaust Hoses, Vacuum Hoses
Signaling Technology, Light Towers, 
Voice Enunciators, Sirens, Horns
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Press Controls, Resolvers, Softouch, Lightcurtains

Millenium 3, EM4 logic controllers

Solid State timers, control relays, heat sinks and power modules

The building blocks of low cost drilling and tapping automation
Self-feed pneumatic and electric drills, tappers and air motors
Innovative compressed air technologies.
Energy saving panel coolers, nozzles, jets, air curtains and more
"More Imagination and Innovation Per Square Foot"
 Pneumatic Arbor Presses, Pneumatic and Electronic 2 Hand Safety Systems, Industrial Air Cylinders, Mechanical and Solenoid operated Air Valves, Work Holding Fixtures, Flow Controls, Fittings and More.

Custom Engineered Switches, Engineered Solutions for the Most Severe Pressure, Vacuum and Temperature.
 DIN mounted timers, temperature controllers, control and safety relays, pneumatic logic and control elements.
Embedded Amplifier Photo Sensors,
Ultrasonic Sensors, Light Curtain Sensors 
Stainless Steel Gear Boxes, Slewing Drives,
Right Angle Gear Boxes, Planetary Gear Boxes......most with "double-enveloping worm gear technology"
Machine Perimeter Guarding. Drop-N-Lock for easy installation. Saf-T-Fence System protects your workers and machinery from harmful accidents and costly fines. Easy to install with quick access for maintenence
Enfield Technologies offers highly accurate control of pneumatic force, position, pressure and flow using their compact line of servo pneumatic proportional valves and control interface options
Nickel Plated Push In Fittings
Stainless Steel Push In Fittings
DOT Push in Fittings
High Pressure Lubricating Push in Fittings
Safety Couplings & Flow Controls

Inductive and Capacitive Proximity Sensors, 
​Ultrasonic Sensors, Pneumatic Sensors, Cables and Connectors