ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED 

Global OEM Footprint

FCI is highly respected as an ISO 9001:2015
certified supplier of hundreds of OEM products
in the heavy-duty truck manufacturing, water filtration, hydraulic equipment, agricultural, and cleaning equipment industries, to name a few. We truly have a global footprint.

We supply over 300 products that comprise the best truck powertrains on the planet. Over 95% of heavy-duty trucks on North American roads were built with FCI products. Many other examples of FCI's OEM products in Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America are testaments to the value that FCI brings our manufacturer-customers.

FCI has been recognized as one of the "Top 24" distributors worldwide of the Hydraulics Division of Eaton Corporation, a global leader in fluid conveyance and power management.

FCI maintains an active Kit-Assembly department and fabrication group---as well as responsive customer service centers---in Grand Rapids and Lansing, Michigan.
We Are Part of Your Quality Team

We know that quality starts with planning, but it lives in people. Everyone that affects customer quality at FCI knows that they are part of our customers' supply chain and quality teams. We are proud of the position we have built as a Strategic Supplier to the best of the best; but we are only as good as the product and service we are providing today-----so we thrive on continuous improvement in our operations as well as in our product offering.r
Custom Part Engraving
Kitting Operation
Automated Hose Printing and Cutting
"More Imagination and Innovation Per Square Foot"